All Quantum Audio Designs instrument, midi, microphone, speaker, and patch cables listed in our standard product catalog are warranted for up to a 5 year period from date of manufacture. All multi-channel audio snakes, multi-tracks, specialty Y and adapter cables, direct and device boxes, and any custom design audio or video cables are warranted for a period of 1 year from date of manufacture.

Although our warranty covers any defects in materials and/or workmanship during the warranty period, we cannot warranty defects or damage caused to the product due to misuse or abuse, or normal wear & tear. Our 5 year warranty coverage is offered only to end-users of our products who have purchased their products from an authorized reseller of Quantum products. To qualify for our 5 year warranty coverage, the purchaser (end-user) is required within 30 days from the purchase date of their Quantum product, to submit to Quantum Audio Designs Inc, 1) a legible copy of their original sales receipt, 2) the original cable sleeve in which their cable product was packaged, and 3) the purchaser’s name, mailing address and or physical shipping address if different, daytime telephone contact number, and email address if available. This information will be kept on file for purposes of warranty registration and direct correspondence between our company only, and the end-user of our product. All such information will be used for the purposes of satisfying any warranty claims that might arise, and for conveying to the end-user any advertising offers, product updates or new product offerings that our company may currently have in effect. In the event that the end-user does not register the purchase of their Quantum product with Quantum Audio Designs Inc within 30 days from their date of purchase, the warranty coverage will revert to 1 year from the original date of purchase.

In the event a Quantum product has been purchased by an end-user and is suspected to be defective or malfunctioning, we require that our factory first be contacted in an effort to determine the nature and possible cause of the problem. If our factory representative determines that the product will have to be returned to our factory for service, a RMA# will be issued. This RMA# should be written on the outside of the shipping container and the product should be returned, freight prepaid to our factory for servicing. We ask that a letter explaining the nature of the defect, the return shipping address, the RMA# assigned to your warranty claim, and proof of purchase be included in your shipment. Quantum products deemed within warranty will be repaired, or even possibly replaced if our technicians deem replacement necessary. Once warranty service is completed, warranted products will be shipped to the end-user, freight prepaid via normal common carrier to the return address provided. Any defective product returned by an authorized Quantum reseller which qualify for warranty service will be included with the resellers next product shipment, once warranty servicing is complete.

In the event a Quantum product has been purchased by one of our authorized dealers and has not yet been sold and is suspected by the dealer to be defective, or has been purchased from the dealer by an end-user and returned to the dealer as defective within 15 days of purchase, we require the dealer to contact their regional service representative to discuss the suspected problem and to determine how the warranty claim will be handled. These types of warranty issues, classified as “New Product Defects” require that the product in question must be in “like new” or “Showroom” condition. Due to the fact that these types of warranty issues are extremely rare, the repair or replacement arrangements made for these products will be made on a case by case basis, with the final determination of any arrangements to be determined by Quantum Audio Designs Inc.

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